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District Strategic Plan
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Strategic Plan

West Jefferson School District

September 29th, 2017


District Mission

 To provide a quality well-rounded education for all students which will prepare them for success in post-secondary education, Careers, and citizenship.



District Vision

 Strive for Excellence



Mission Statement (How will we attain our vision)


All staff members of the West Jefferson School District, in partnership with the community, are committed to provide an educational environment where teaching and learning can adapt constructively in a changing society. We emphasize demonstrable lifelong skills, knowledge and values that develop responsible and contributing members of society.





·        We believe all students can learn.

·        Learning is the priority of our schools.

·        Each child is a valued individual with unique qualities.

·        Students are expected to maximize their educational experience.

·        Quality teachers make a difference.

·        Schools provide a positive, safe, and respectful environment.

·        Community support is critical to school success.


West Jefferson School District #253
1256 E. 1500 N., Terreton, ID 83450
PH: (208) 663-4542
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