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 Game Time Basketball Camp
Game Time Basketball Camp
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Welcome to Game Time Basketball Camps! And thank you! It is clear that you have chosen to bring your basketball skills, knowledge, conditioning, and overall appreciation of the exciting game of basketball to a whole new level! With a combined, and ever growing, several hundred years of experience playing the game and teaching the game at a high level, and the life lessons to be taught in the bigger game of life, the Game Time Basketball Camps family of engaging, enthusiastic and experienced coaches, is looking forward to helping you reach the next level for you – whatever that is, and wherever that is. Our camps are a process – an interactive process – and our coaches share the common goal of improving each and every player at their level.  What follows is a fairly detailed rundown of what to expect, in our full-fledged camps, or somewhat of a taste of what to expect in our other training programs:

1. Ball Handling, body balance and rhythm. We begin with a warm up each day with basic basketball specific warm-ups followed by fundamental ball-handling drills consisting of our basic “bedrock" ball-handling drills, our world renowned ball-handling and dribbling series, and our other proven drills to improve muscle memory, manual dexterity, body balance, rhythm and explosiveness with the ball. While we understand that these drills are hard work, they do produce incredible results and are mandatory to becoming a great ball handler. As always, there is no substitute for repetition through hard work. Some of our newer and less advanced campers will spend more time getting in valuable repetitions throughout the day.

2. Moves off the dribble. As a natural progression from the very important stationary drills, we must expand into moves off the dribble, and on the run. We have a large variety of ways that we teach these moves. As always, we will focus on fundamentals. From there, it will depend on the camper's current skill level. Several times throughout the day, when you come in the gym, you will see several different stations that the kids will be working at. These stations will have different moves and techniques being used to accommodate and challenge the camper's skill level depending on the individual camper's needs.

3. Education. We will spend time each day talking about the game of basketball. We will cover court awareness and angles. How to attack these angles. What moves to use and where to use them and how to use them in relation to where your defender is. How to check your defender and learn their tendencies. How to read the help defense. We enjoy
this and in most cases, our younger campers have never been enlightened with this information before. We then will demonstrate with our coaches. (This is always a favorite for the campers.) Our staff members have achieved some of the highest levels of the game and are very fun to watch play. We break the game down for the campers while they are playing in a half court set. We talk about how the ball defender is protecting the ball and court angles while the other defenders will be protecting passing lanes in a flat line triangle to the ball and their player – you get the idea.
We talk about individual defense, help side defense, ball side defense, standard rotations and advanced rotations. We will talk about the importance of communication, anticipation, maintaining a positive attitude, and teamwork. While understanding all this makes you a good defender, it is this knowledge that can also help make you a great offensive player. It has been our experience that, from the high school level down that a very small percentage of the players have been taught or understand all of this. Having this kind of working knowledge will put you far ahead of the average player – and get you ready for “game time!”

4. Shooting. We will use and cover a few different areas. Each day, one of these areas will be shooting. We will briefly cover the fundamentals of proper shooting form, and we will focus on the more advanced aspects such as footwork, quick release shooting, and jump shooting. We will also cover the importance of having confidence, getting open, and wanting the ball. We will also teach basic techniques and advanced aspects of layups and finishing, bank shot shooting, shooting of the catch, off the dribble, close range, the often overlooked mid-range, and long-range shooting, and so forth. For our more advanced players, floaters, runners, step-backs, up-and-unders, dribble drops, the “eurostep” and other advanced shots will be worked on, as well as shooting while tired and under pressure. For those of you who are new, you will probably get an introduction to our "swat” team. If you do not properly shoot over, or up-and-under, or around, or use bad foot work or take too long to get your shot off, they will swat the ball into the “cheap” seats. Perimeter players will focus on coming into their shot from all directions and going up with the shot in balance and with a quick release. Post players will also work on post moves and counter-moves. When the camper feels they are ready, we can rotate them in the "swat" team station where they can test themselves against our pros, they may even get the chance to engage in a “King of the Hill” 1 on 1 game against the top coaches, or various others kinds of game settings. Good Luck.

5. Life Skills. Throughout all of our camps we are continually sending positive life skill messages to our campers – and for that matter, anyone we interact or come in contact with – parents, grandparents, observing coaches, and more. The top theme is respect: respect yourself and have pride in who you are. Be compassionate and helpful to others. Respect yourself by giving others respect: "yes sir", "yes ma'am", or "yes, coach". HARD WORK is a must to succeed at the game of basketball and life. Being SMART and efficient are also very important – depending on your purpose and level of dedication to learning the game. Respect and hard work will be followed at Game Time Basketball Camps. The Game Time Basketball Camps’ staff family is incredibly blessed to have some of the staff we have. The kids will listen to them because they command respect and have also earned the kids' respect by achieving some of the highest levels of success in the game and, more importantly, their lives, despite challenges and adversity.

6. Games/Fun. Simply put: we believe that we need to let the game teach itself. Drills are meant to teach skills. And you put these skills to the test in games and scrimmages. Scrimmages provide a more pressure-free way of taking chances, making mistakes and learning from them. Our coaches can also be more hands on during these scrimmages, and that is where incredible learning opportunities continue to take place. So, we love to see our drills result in their game time application, and overall greater fluidity with the ball, and without the ball. So, we may have them work at 1-on-1, 2-on-2, 3-on-3, 4-on-4, and 5-on-5 stations and informal scrimmages, whenever possible. The staff will be right there with them to help them learn what to do and how to do it, when to do it, and why they should do it, with the freedom to make mistakes and learn from them. This is accomplished by giving them a delicate balance of letting them just love the game and play and instruction and is usually handled by saying "great job" when they've shown improvement and "want to try something new", as they begin to take on new challenges, or "I think you are ready or you have great skills", or "Try this; you are good enough to handle it.", “that was a very nice pass, let me tell another idea I had that would also help”, and so on. The kids love this and it is a great time for them to work on their moves, get out of their comfort zone, and start to apply some of their newly-gained knowledge and skill. Our traditional way to wrap up the camp day is with instruction and execution of the "UCLA drill", developed by legendary Coach John Wooden. This is the campers' favorite and in so many ways is one of the best drills/games ever introduced to the world's greatest game - appropriately, by one of the greatest coaches to ever coach the game.


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