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Mrs. Brooke Shumway-Certified, February Panther Pride Award Winner

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Brooke Shumway is a deserving nominee for many reasons. First, she has been the leader or apart of several projects within our school including the RTI committee, leadership committee, “Pennies for Plants,” and now “Pennies for Our Playground.” Brooke has also volunteered her own time at her own expense to coach Jr. High volleyball and has often times assisted the high school coach as well. As the chairman of the leadership committee Brooke has held and attended several meetings throughout this last summer with her team to try to finalize plans before the start of the school year. She has since put in additional time to reconfigure the plan and make it acceptable to all. Brooke also puts in extra hours in the evening once a year for kindergarten graduation in order to better accommodate working parents. Brooke is also in the process of finding and writing grants in order to secure better equipment and supplies for both her individual class and the school as a whole. Not only does Brooke go above and beyond outside the classroom, but also within. She is always looking for new and fresh ideas to help reach each of her students. She is the first to help implement changes set forth by the administration and jumps in with both feet. She has also made parent communication a high priority. Brooke has a Facebook page dedicated to her class where she shares pertinent information with parents. She also is in frequent contact with parents throughout the day. She truly has an open door policy that parents feel comfortable using. Brooke has dedicated her heart and soul to this district. She deserves to be recognized and praised for the amazing job she does. Mrs. Brianna Tuckett- Nominator.

West Jefferson School District #253
1256 E. 1500 N., Terreton, ID 83450
PH: (208) 663-4542
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