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KID Channel 3 Presents School Supplies to Terreton Elementary

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Thursday was delivery day. Back in September, Channel 3 and Fox 5 collected schools supplies from loyal viewers who brought donations to the Eastern Idaho State Fair.

Eyewitness News talked with all the school districts in the viewing area about the elementary schools that could possibly be the recipient of the donations.

The winner? Terreton Elementary School.

Eyewitness News anchor Todd Kunz and weather forecaster Steve Cannon loaded up all the supplies and took the drive to Terreton. Once they were there, they had to employ students to help carry some of the boxes inside. The principal and teachers are grateful.

"To have all those boxes of supplies that you brought, you saw how excited the kids were, and it means art projects, posters, happy kids, teachers with maybe a little bit more left in their classroom budgets to buy and purchase other things," said Principal Jeff Haroldsen.

"That's fabulous, knowing that people around here care about our kids, care about our kids' education and out of the goodness of their hearts they just did that. It's amazing!" said fifth-grade teacher Sheena Hawker.

"Thank you!" shouted the students in unison.

Again, this was all made possible with donations from people of eastern Idaho who attended the state fair. The fair provided admission tickets at half-price for a donated school supply item.

West Jefferson School District #253
1256 E. 1500 N., Terreton, ID 83450
PH: (208) 663-4542
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