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Sherry Gray- Dec Classified Panther Pride Winner

 Sherry Gray
Sherry Gray
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From her nominator: I nominate Sherry Gray as the classified employee of the month.

I have watched Sherry Gray for the last ten years.  She has such a dedication to her job.  She checks her watch often and will say, “I need to go to this class.”  She is always on time and goes the extra mile to help kids.  Taking math home at night and working all the problems Sherry is up with the kids ready to help them.  Sherry is always so well prepared.  She is so willing to do what is asked.  She does duty before school and after school.  She never complains when she is out during a snow storm doing her lunch duty. Thanks so much Mrs. Gray for giving so much to West Jefferson.

West Jefferson School District #253
1256 E. 1500 N., Terreton, ID 83450
PH: (208) 663-4542
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