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District Spotlight- Mrs. Sherri Bell

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I grew up in Royal City, Washington.  I attended Rick’s College for one year and then got married to Rick Bell.  I managed the Rexburg Dairy Queen for 12 years during which time I had 2 children.  I decided I needed to do more with my life so I went back to college and finished my associate's degree at Rick’s College and then attended ISU for my bachelor’s degree in secondary education.

This is my sixteenth year in education, all at West Jefferson.

I enjoy sewing and being in the mountains.  We do a lot of camping during the summer.

On my next vacation, I will go to Oklahoma to visit my son.  

My work fills my heart when I see someone’s hard work pay off with success at doing something that was difficult for them.

If I could give students one piece of advice it would be to always be learning.