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Mrs. Patti Bingham
Business Manager
Phone: 208-663-4542
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I was a farm girl born and raised, and the youngest of four girls.  I came from Leslie, Idaho and attended Mackay High School in Mackay, Idaho.

As the youngest, I spent many hours with my dad and I loved being with him.  He had a true passion for farming.  

I had lots of experiences growing up on our farm, some of them inculde moving sprinkler pipe, herding cattle, driving tractor, raking hay, spreading fertilizer, hauling grain, picking potatoes and picking lots and lots of rocks. Those rock piles still remain as amazing monuments to hard work!  For fun, I have fond memories of sunny afternoons floating down ditches on tubes with my sister, riding bikes with my friends, and fishing in the river with my dad.  

I love my husband, family, church, reading, sewing, fishing, camping, gardening, and organizing my home.  I am also crazy about playing games and working puzzles.  

We moved here to Terreton around 30 years ago.  This is a great place to live and for children to go to school.  My husband and I have six children who have all attended school here.  My youngest son is currently attending college at BYUI, working, and dating. The rest of our children are married and have blessed me with sixteen grandchildren, so far.  We have a large closet dedicated just for grandkid toys. :) 



Before coming to the District, I had fifteen years of secretarial experience in a variety of offices.  I graduated from the ISU Vo Tech School Office Occupations with a medical secretary certificate and from BYUI with an associates degree in elementary education.  Working with children is so much fun, but bookkeeping is my gift.  

I have been working for the District since 2001.  As Business Manager, my chief duty is the finances of the District.  My passion is bookkeeping, accounting, organizing, and service.  

We have an amazing staff and a wonderful supportive community.  I love working for the District.  I could not ask for better people to serve!  

West Jefferson School District #253
1256 E. 1500 N., Terreton, ID 83450
PH: (208) 663-4542
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