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Job: West Jefferson High School Principal

Where did you grow up and go to College? I grew up all over the Midwest mostly in Davenport, Iowa. I went to Utah Valley State College and then BYU. 
Work Experience? taught at Payson High school in Utah, Emmett School District and then the Nampa School District.
Spouse and family? Wife (Annie) and 5 kids.
Years in Education? 14
Favorite Sport? Football, Basketball, Track,  Teams?  BYU
Favorite Food? Good food, All food
Hobbies, Interests?    wakeboarding, skiing,  snowboarding, reading
Favorite Holiday?  Fourth of July, how could you not love a holiday dedicated to blowing stuff up.
Last book you read? The Growth Mindset Coach
Favorite Movie? oooh, that's a tough question. Hoosiers
Where are you going on next vacation?  Hopefully Somewhere awesome
Finish This sentence: My work fills my heart when I see... Students improving and growing.
Finish this sentence: If I could give students one piece of advice it would be this:  Your intelligence is not determined at birth, you are as intelligent and talented as you are willing to work and grow.

West Jefferson School District #253
1256 E. 1500 N., Terreton, ID 83450
PH: (208) 663-4542
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