Retiree Meeting - Rudey Ballard

Retiree Meeting - Rudey Ballard
3/5/2021, 8:45 AM 9:45 AM
ALC Boardroom

            (RSVP and Bring you sick leave balance)

You are invited to:  West Jefferson School District Retiree meeting!

            When:  Friday, March 5, 2021 at 8:45 a.m.

            Where:  Secret location - aka ALC Boardroom

            Who:  Those who are planning to retire soon or in the next five years.

            Why:  to learn and develop an understanding of the transition from working American to retired American.


This meeting is one of the meetings that most Americans look forward to each year.  Research shows that it is the favorite meeting by many.  (Many have said this.)


Learn about your benefits in retirement. 


  1. Medicare
  2. Part D
  3. Social Security
  4. Dental
  5. Vision
  6. Health Plans
  7. Out of the country plans
  8. Life insurance
  9. Why age 65 is such a blessing.
  10. Fun insurance stuff.
  11. What is and what is not important.
  12. Mistakes to avoid.  Places to visit.  People to see.  Stuff like that.


As a potential retiree of the West Jefferson School District, you have some very good options for you and your family in retirement. Everyone’s life history is very different and there are many variables to plan for in retirement.  Come and learn.  Bring Questions and get ready for a good time.


See you all soon,


Rudey Ballard





Rudey Ballard

Ballard Insurance Group LLC

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Rexburg, ID 83440

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