Principal's Message

Jeff Haroldsen
Jeff Haroldsen
I feel so blessed to be part of our great district as a principal and as a teacher. I feel even more blessed to live in this great community. This year I am very excited to work with our new high school principal, Jeff Davis and our new elementary principal, Kyle Johnson. There have been some very exciting changes in our district, and I get to be involved in these changes by redefining my job description. This year I will be the Middle School/Jr. High principal and I will be working with the 5th through 8th grades. And much to my delight, I also get to teach some guitar classes that will be available for Jr. High and High School students. I am very excited to teach students how to play the guitar, write their own songs and how to use recording equipment to record their creations. I can’t wait to help students find their musical abilities and then send these aspiring musicians out into the world!
I look forward to working with our new student council in the Jr. High and with our student representatives in the 5th and 6th grades. I am excited to help them plan some great programs and activities that will encourage all of the students to excel in academic and vocational goals. I look forward to working with the teachers and all of the 5th-8th grade students to promote a safe school where everyone helps and encourages each other to excel and to make our school a positive place to be.
I think learning should be a positive experience for everyone. I enjoyed learning all through my educational adventure. I had fun at Fairview Elementary, Bonneville Jr. High and Bonneville High School. After attending those schools, I went on to enjoy my time learning at Rick's College, Lewis Clark State College and Northwest Nazarene University. I earned an Associate's, Bachelor's and Master’s degree at those schools and became certified to teach all subjects in elementary and all subjects in Jr. High school. I also became certified as a principal for Elementary, Jr. High School and High School. The best thing about all of my education is that it allows me to work with students so I can try and encourage them to enjoy their learning adventures as much as I did.
Some other things about me that you might like to know are that I love spending time with my family going camping, playing games, swimming, eating and watching movies. I also like wearing crazy socks and fun ties. I love to play the guitar and write songs. I love making homemade ice cream. I enjoy using my mind and tools to build and fix things. I like meeting new people. I love to celebrate the great U.S.A. throughout the year. I love driving down the hill from Sage Junction and seeing our beautiful valley and the farmers harvesting their crops. I enjoy watching the sun set behind Diamond Peak, and I really love being around the students at West J. and watching them do great things. I am so grateful for the twenty eight years I have lived and worked here with so many wonderful people like you! Here’s to a new year and a new learning adventure. I think it’s going to be fantastic!
~ Jeff Haroldsen