Bunce Book found at thrift store

Mrs. Annette Bunce, former teacher at West Jefferson High School, was recently notified of a book that was found at Deseret Industries with her name and school address on it. Her daughter-in-law was the one that found it at the D.I. near Clinton, Utah. (Maybe the Layton location.)

Now the mystery is, WHO donated this book to the thrift store?

From the Original Post by Deseret Industries :

We LOVE this thrifting story shared by @buncegianina— "While shopping in the children's books section of one of the thrift stores I frequent, I saw a book with the word Bunce written on it that was laying on its side. Since it had our family name on it, I pulled it out and then opened the cover and saw a stamp with the words, "Jefferson High School in Terreton, Idaho," where my mother-in-law worked as a teacher over 30 years ago. I immediately texted her and found out that it was, indeed, her book with her personal writing on it. A pretty unique thrift find for her daughter-in-law and granddaughter to find all of these years later in 2023 in a different state. Bought it for $1.00 to return to my mother-in-law with the story of how we came across this fun find now written inside the book."